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Updated 18 Sep 2021
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From The Irish Catholic Directory - 1920

Irish Diaspora - North America
 See also: Irish Diaspora

     By Province; General
United States
     By State; U.S.A.

By Province
Free Irish History eBooks - Irish Military History - Fenian Raids into Canada
Ireland Reaching Out - website
Irish Emigration Database - website
Journals - Irish-American
Ulster Ancestry - Free Genealogy Pages for lists of Emigrants
By Province
(incl. old names)
Lower Canada
To the Irish Emigrants settled in Lower Canada
   By Unknown Author (Canada, 1800) - OL

New Brunswick
The New Brunswick Irish Portal
Newfoundland; or a Letter Addressed to a Friend in Ireland 
   ... With an Especial View to Emigration
   By the Hon. Thomas Talbot (London, 1882) - OL

* Rules and Constitution of the Benevolent Irish Society

   lists of officers, committees, subscribers
* A Report of the Members Names
   By The Society (St. John's, Newfoundland, 1807) - OL

Nova Scotia

* Constitution of the Charitable Irish Society
   of Halifax, Nova Scotia as revised and amended in 1892; lists of officers, committees, members
   By The Society (Halifax, 1893) - OL

History of the County of Perth (Ontario)
   From 1825 to 1902; many Irish settlers; sketches of:
   Samuel Rollin Hesson, b. Kilray, Co. Antrim, 1829
   William Davidson, b. Co. Monaghan, 1833
   Robert Jones, b. Wicklow, 1828
   Thomas Rothwell, b. Wexford, 1808
   Samuel Roe, b. Crossmolin(a), Co. Mayo, 1821
   Samuel Whaley, b. Tyrone, 1818
   James Reid, b. Co. Down, 1825
   John Watson, b. Newtown Stewart, Co. Tyrone, 1827
   Robert Henry, b. Co. Londonderry, 1825
   Andrew Monteith, b. Karn-Dreen, Co. Tyrone, 1834
   Patrick Clyne, b. Roscommon, 1817
   John Corry Wilson Daly, b. Liverpool, England of Irish parents, 1796
   John Sanderson, b. Co. Cavan, 1823
   By William Johnston (Stratford, 1903) - OL

* The McCabe List: Early Irish in the Ottawa Valley

   transcription; Irish emigrants in 1829
   The Irish Emigration Database

Names on the Irish Wall, Toronto

   675 names of famine victims listed on the 1847 Memorial (N. Ireland, undated) - Ulster Ancestry Free Pages website

Ontarian Families

   Genealogies of United Empire Loyalist and other Pioneer Families of Upper Canada. Many Irish born and of Irish descent mentioned
   By Edward Marion Chadwick (Toronto, 1894) - OL


Address to the Irish Inhabitants of Quebec
   By A True Irishman (Canada, 1800) - OL

Address to the St. Patrick's Society, Montreal

   By John O'Farrell, Esquire, President of the Hibernian Benevolent Society of Quebec (Montreal, 1872) - IA

Circular Letter to the Catholic Archbishops and Bishops of Ireland
   ...the dismal fate that awaits thousands of the unfortunate children of Ireland who come to seek in Canada an asylum from the countless evils afflicting them in their native land...
   By Jos. Signay, Archbishop of Quebec (Quebec, 1847) - OL

Constitution of the St. Patrick's Society of Quebec

   Established in 1836
   St. Patrick's Society (Quebec, 1850) - OL

History of the Irish Catholics of Quebec

   Saint Patrick's Church to the death of Rev. P. McMahon
   By James M. O'Leary (Quebec, 1895) - OL

Journal of a Voyage to Quebec in the year 1825

   (from Warrenpoint) with recollections of Canada, during the Late American War in the years 1812 - 1813
   By P. Finan (Newry, 1828) - OL

Lettre Pastorale de Monseigneur L'Eveque de Montreal

   ... en faveur de la Malheureuse Irelande (in French - Pastoral Letter regarding the unfortunate of Ireland at the time of the Famine)
   By the Bishop of Montreal (Montreal, 1847) - OL

The Ocean Plague or a Voyage to Quebec in an Irish Emigant Vessel

   Embracing a Quarantine at Grosse Isle in 1847. With Notes Illustrative of the Ship-pestilence of that Fatal Year
   By a Cabin Passenger (Robert Whyte) (Boston, 1848) - OL

Upper Canada

Hints on Emigration to Upper Canada
   Especially addressed to the Lower Classes in Great Britain and Ireland
   By Martin Doyle (Dublin, 1831) - OL


Canada and Ireland
   from Duffy's Hibernian Magazine
   By Unknown author (Dublin, 1862) - OL

* Canada, the Land of Homes

   Facts for Emigrants
   By Charles Foy, Commissioner of Emigration for Dominion of Canada, Belfast (Belfast, 1874) - OL

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
   many Irish-Canadians listed
   University of Toronto; University Laval (Canada, 1959) - DCB website - Search by text e.g. "Ireland" gives 992 matches, "O'Reilly" gives 48 matches

 Dismemberment No Remedy

   An address by the Chairman of the Loyal and Patriotic Union of Toronto, Canada
   By Goldwin Smith (London, Paris, New York, Melbourne, 1886) - OL

England and Ireland

   A lecture, for Gratuitous Distribution
   By Rev. A.J. Bray (Montreal, 1880) - OL

The Emigrants' Guide to the Canadas

   By Wm. Watson, Esq. (Dublin, 1822) - OL

* Emigration to Canada

   a collection of articles and letters to newspapers, etc.; 'Scarcity of Domestic Servants', 'The Unemployed Wood Sawyers in Belfast', 'A Successful Monaghan Man...' [named Whitla has the largest dry goods establishment in the county of Renfrew], etc.
   By Charles Foy, Commissioner of Emigration for Canadian Government, Belfast (Monaghan, 1872?) - OL

Emigration or No Emigration

   Facts for Emigrants
   By Charles Foy, Commissioner of Emigration for Dominion of Canada, Belfast (Belfast, 1874) - OL

Evidence on the Subject of Emigration taken before the Select Committee

   on the Employment of the Poor in Ireland (regarding Irish emigration to Upper Canada)
   House of Commons (London, In the Session of 1823) - IA

A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Colonial Gentry - Vol I - Vol II
   features many families of Irish origin in Canada, Australia, etc.
   By Sir Bernard Burke, C.B., LL.D., Ulster King of Arms (London, 1891) - OL

Home Rule

   a speech delivered by Nicholas Flood Davin, Q.C., M.P. in Montreal (Toronto, 1893) - OL

Home Rule for Ireland - Extract of a Speech by the Hon. E. J. Flynn

   before the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Quebec, 16th of April, 1886
   By Hon. E.J. Flynn (Quebec, 1886) - OL

Ireland and the Centenary of American Methodism

   ...Irish emigrants who instrumentally laid the foundation of the Methodist Church in the United States... Canada and Eastern British America
   By Rev. William Crook (London, Dublin, 1866) - OL

Ireland and the Empire

   A speech by Nicholas Flood Davin in Montreal (Ottawa, 1885) - OL

Local Self-Government for Ireland
   Speech in the House of Commons of Canada
   By Mr. John Costigan, M.P. (Ottawa, 1882) - OL - See Biography - Individuals for John Costigan

   By Nicholas Flood Davin (London, Toronto, 1877) - OL

Irishmen in Canada
  Their Union not inconsistent with the development of Canadian National Feeling
   By J. George Hodgins., Esq., LL.D. (Toronto, 1875) - IA

The Irish in America

   Canada and United States
   By John Francis Maguire (New York, Montreal, 1868) - OL

The Irish in Canada

   A Lecture at St. Patrick's Hall, Ottawa
   By W. H. Waller, Esq., Mayor of Ottawa (Toronto, 1877) - OL

The Irish in Canada

   from 'The Glories of Ireland'
   By James J. Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., Litt.D., Sc.D. (Washington, D.C., 1914) - IA

   on the Claims of T. D'Arcy McGee, Esq. (M.P. for Montreal West) to the Confidence and Support of the Irish and their Descendants in the Dominion of Canada
   By Thomas L. Connolly, Archbishop of Halifax (Halifax, 1867) - IA

The Political Standing of Irish Catholics in Canada
   A critical analysis of its causes, with suggestions for its amelioration
   By J. L. P. O'Hanly (Ottawa, 1872) - IA

Scraps about Ireland

   including Address of the Canadian Parliament to Her Majesty, in Relation to the Condition of Ireland...
   By Various authors (Peterborough, Ontario 1886) - IA

Something about Ireland As It Is and Fenianism

   some suggestions for the consideration by the Canadian People and Government
   By W. H. Waller (Ottawa, 1868) - OL

Speech of Mr. N. F. Davin, M.P. on Home Rule for Ireland

   House of Commons, Ottawa (Ottawa, 1887) - OL

St. Patrick's Day Souvenir Commemorating The Centennial of the Irish Rebellion 1798

   The Story of Ireland's Great Struggles
   By Unknown authors (Montreal, 1898) - OL

* State-Aided Emigration Schemes from Crown Estates in Ireland c. 1850

   to USA, Canada
   By Eilish Ellis, M.A. (from Analecta Hibernica No. 22, Dublin 1960, reprinted Baltimore, Maryland, 1993) - FHB

Three Letters upon Irish Colonization
   Addressed to Sir Colman O'Loghlen, Bart. (regarding Irish emigration to Canada)
   By John Robert Godley, Esq. (Canada? 1847) - OL

A Tour through Canada in 1879

   with remarks on the advantages it offers for settlement to the British farmer
   By Thomas Moore, The Irish Farmer Office (Dublin, 1880) - OL

Ireland Reaching Out - website
The History of the Island of Antigua - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III
   including many pedigrees of Irish born planters and their descendants
   By Vere Langford Oliver (London, 1894) - IA

The Irish Presence in the History and Place Names of Cuba
   Society for Irish Latin American Studies
   By Rafael Fernandez Moya, translated by Annette Leahy (Geneva, 2007) - website

* PIGOTT: Pike-Heads and Pick-Axes - A Book of Pigott Families

   in England, Ireland and Australia; Stray Pigotts... Musicians of Dublin; Pigott of Dysart and of Chetwynd, Co. Cork; Pigott's of Loughrea, Co. Galway; Pigott of Slevoy, Co. Wexford; Antigua, West Indies; Pigott of Dublin and New York; Pigotts, Missionaries in Ceylon; Pigotts emigrate to New South Wales
   By Chris Pigott (Potts Point, 2000) - FHB - Chris Pigott blog

* PLUNKETT: Ten Thousand Plunketts - Vol. II

   Peter and John Plunkett emigrated abt. 1732 from Galway Bay to Grande Terra Island (French West Indies); moved to Culpepper, Orange County, Virginia 1739
   By Emma Plunkett Ivy (Atlanta, Georga, 1974) - FHB

* RODMAN: Genealogy of the Rodman Family 1620 - 1886

   John Rodman, a Quaker, b. New Ross? Ireland, emigrated to Barbadoes, d. there 1686; son Thomas Rodman emigrated to Newport, Rhode Island later Burlington County, New Jersey - mar. 3 times
   By Charles Henry Jones (Philadelphia, 1886) - FHB

* TRENCH: A Memoir of the Trench Family

   William Power Trench, b. Galway, 1771, d. Belleview, Jamaica, 1848
   Genealogical table - Jamaica Trenches
   By Thomas Richard Frederick Cooke-Trench of Millicent, Sallins, Co. Kildare (Privately printed, London, 1897) - FHB

By State
Ireland Reaching Out - website
Irish Emigration Database - website
The Mellon Centre for Migration Studies - website
Ulster Ancestry - Free Genealogy Pages for lists of Emigrants
By State
Broderick and Gwin - the Most Extraordinary Contest for a Seat in the Senate of the United States ever known
   Fatal Duel; David Colbrith Broderick was born of Irish parents
   By James O'Meara (San Francisco,1881, reprint Los Angeles,1932, facsimile Ann Arbor,1978) - OL

* The Irish Race in California, and on the Pacific Coast

   including a Vocabulary of Ancient and Modern Irish Family Names
   By Dr. Quigley (San Francisco,1878) - FHB

* San Francisco - Its Builders Past and Present - Vol I
   Pictorial and Biographical; index
   Irish names incl: James Duval Phelan, Thomas Bard McFarland, Patrick Calhoun, Thornwell Mullally, Judge Jeremiah Francis Sullivan, Archbishop Patrick William Riordan (R.C.), Will Cluff of Co. Tyrone, Thomas Edward Hayden
* San Francisto - Its Builders Past and Present - Vol II
   (images removed)
   Published by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. (Chicago, San Francisco,1913) - OL

* San Francisco's Representative Men - Vol I

   Biographies; some Irish
   Published by San Francisco Journal of Commerce Publishing Co (San Francisco,1891) - OL

* The History and Genealogy of the Gurley Family
   By Albert E. Gurley, Willimantic, Conn. (Hartford, Conn, 1897)

The Past, Present and Future of the Roman Catholic Irish in New England
   Invective against the Catholic Irish
   By Uncle Sam Jr. (1890) - OL

Scotch-Irish in New England
   By Rev. A. L. Perry, D.D., LL.D. (1891) - IA

Biographical and Historical Cyclopedia of Delaware County, Pennsylvania
   together with nearly 400 Biographical Sketches; some Scotch-Irish
   By Winfield Scott Garner (Richmond, Indiana; New York, 1894) - OL


Biographical History of the American Irish in Chicago
   with Steel and Other Illustrations
   Edited by Charles ffrench (Chicago, New York, 1897) - IA

* The Biographical Record of De Kalb County - Henry County - McLean County - Ogle County - Whiteside County

   Illustrated; many Irish born and Irish descent mentioned
   Published by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. (Chicago, 1899 - 1901) - OL

The Clan-Na-Gael and the Murder of Dr. Cronin

   ...the Irish Revolutionary Movement, and...the crime in the Carlson Cottage
   By John T. McEnnis (Chicago, 1889) - OL

The First Irish in Illinois

   Illinois State Historical Society
   By P.T. Barry (Chicago, 1902) - OL

The Past and Present of the City of Decatur and Macon County - Vermilion County

   Illustrated biographies; index; many Irish listed
   Published by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. (Chicago, 1903) - OL

* Past and Present of Pike County
   illustrated biographical sketches; some Irish
   By Capt. M. D. Massie (Chicago, 1906) - OL

An Address delivered before the Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A. Branch of the National Land League of Ireland
   on St. Patrick's Day 1881
   By Hon. Edmund F. Dunne, LL.D., Ex-Chief Justice of Arizona (Chicago, 1881) - OL

* McCUTCHAN-JOHNSTONE: From then til now: History of McCutchanville

   Charles McCutchan-Johnstone of Goshen, Co. Longford, the first white man to settle permanently in the McCutchanville area (Indiana)
   By Kenneth P. McCutchan (Indianapolis, 1969) - FHB - McCutchanville, Indiana in: Wikipedia

* A Biographical Record of Calhoun County
   Illustrated; many Irish listed
   Published by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. (New York, Chicago, 1902) - OL

Irish in Iowa

   Transcriptions from a variety of sources, covering biographies, cemeteries, newspapers, etc.
   By Irish in Iowa (updated 2007) - website


* Historic Families of Kentucky
   Families: The McDowellsThe Logans, The Allens and many Irish born connections
   By Thomas Marshall Green (Cincinnati, 1889) - OL

Irish Pioneers in Kentucky

   By Michael I. O'Brien (New York, 1916) - OL

The Mountain People of Kentucky

   - Large Scotch-Irish element
   By Wm. H. Haney (Cincinnati, Ohio, 1906) - IA

* Biographical Review - Sketches of the Leading Citizens of Cumberland County, Maine
   (Boston, 1896) - HT

The Past, Present and Future of the Roman Catholic Irish in New England
   Invective against the Catholic Irish
   By Uncle Sam Jr. (1890) - OL

Scotch-Irish in New England
   By Rev. A. L. Perry, D.D., LL.D. (1891) - IA

* Genealogy and Biography of the Leading Families of the City of Baltimore and Baltimore Coounty
   including Portraits of many well known citizens
   Published by Chapman Publishing Company (New York, Chicago, 1897) - OL

* Charitable Irish Society - Founded 1737
   Its Constitution and By-Laws; with a List of Officers and past and present members - 'The Oldest Irish Organization in America' (1917)
* The Constitution and By-Laws of the Charitable Irish Society of Boston
   List of Officers and Members (1876)
   By The Society (Boston, 1917, 1882?) - OL

Dorman Mahoone Alis Mathews

   An Early Boston Irishman
   By John Henry Edmonds (Boston, 1916) - OL

* The Early Irish Settlers in the Town of Gardner, Massachusetts

   By Marie M. Gearan (Gardner, 1932) - FHB - Gardner, Massachusetts in: Wikipedia

The Genealogies of the Families of Cohasset

   Surnames of those born in Ireland: Healey; Fleming; Prendergast; Fallon; Meehan; McHugh; Cronican; Murphy; Daley, Hayes; Dalton; Rafter; Roach; Ryan; Deery; Mulrone; Desmond; Haley; Powers; Doyle; O'Shea; Duffy; Walsh; Heelan; Christopher; Kennedy; Fenety; Keane; Hughes; Allen; Driscoll; McDonough; Donald; O'Brien; Kenneally; Frawley; Noon; O'Connor; Lilly; Lyons; Coyne; Mannix; Sullivan; McAuliffe; McCarthy, McCarty, Fanning; Coleman; Queeney; Clemens; Overend; Liggett; Black; McSweeney; O'Neil; Mellen; Mulcahy; Morrisey; Joy; Mulhern; Donoghue; McGarrigal; Leslie; Mulvey; Dourty; O'Sullivan; Monahan; Collins; Coin; Handrachen; Sheahan; Olvaney; Kelly; Poland; Coffey; Reilly; Khalan; Golliher; Finnegan; Roche; Turner; Duggan; Rae; Lehan; Rooney; Foley; Niven; Sheehan; Burke; Riordan; Connell; Sloan; Smith; Crotty; Dwyer; Finneran; Keating; Manning; King; Bagley; Robbins; Monehan; McGrath
   By George Lyman Davenport and Elizabeth Osgood Davenport (Boston, 1909) - OL - Note: 2nd generation Irish not in above list.

Irish Catholic Genesis of Lowell (Massachusetts)
   By George F. O'Dwyer (Lowell, 1920) - IA

The Past, Present and Future of the Roman Catholic Irish in New England

   Invective against the Catholic Irish
   By Uncle Sam Jr. (1890) - OL

Scotch-Irish in New England
   By Rev. A. L. Perry, D.D., LL.D. (1891) - IA

   Together with Biographical Sketches...Illustrated
   By James Bernard Cullen (1889) - OL

* An Index to Naturalization Records in the Green County Circuit Court
   many of Irish origin; 1868 - 1906
   Extracted by John and Mary Ellen Gifford (Springfield, Missouri, 1988) - FHB

New Hampshire

History of New Hampshire, from its first discovery to the year 1830
   includes chapter on Emigrants from Ireland
   By Edwin D. Sanborn, LL.D. (Manchester N.H., 1875) - OL

* History of the Town of Antrim, New Hampshire

   with a brief Genealogical Record of all the Antrim Families
   By Rev. W. R. Cochrane (Manchester, N.H., 1880) - HT

The History of Windham in New Hampshire (Rockingham County)
   1719 - 1883 a Scotch Settlement (Commonly called Scotch-Irish) History and Genealogy of First Settlers and their Descendants - 200 different family names
   By Leonard A. Morrison (Boston, 1883) - IA

Irish Settlers of Southern New Hampshire

   By Hon. James F. Brennan (USA, 1910)  - OL

The Past, Present and Future of the Roman Catholic Irish in New England

   Invective against the Catholic Irish
   By Uncle Sam Jr. (1890) - OL

Scotch-Irish in New England
   By Rev. A. L. Perry, D.D., LL.D. (1891) - IA

New York
Information on 140 emigrants who sailed to New York with Vere Foster 1857 on board the 'City of Mobile' - PRONI
Aid to Ireland
   Report of the General Relief Committee of the City of New York
   Prepared by the Committee (New York, 1948) - OL

Albany Chronicles
   1634 Col Thomas Dongan, b. Castletown, Co. Kildare, commissioned to be Governor of the Province of New York in 1682
   1688 birth of Cadwallader Colden in Ireland who becomes Governor of New York province
   1715 birth of Sir William Johnston at Warrentown, Co. Down, conspicuous figure on transactions with the Indians in the warfare against the French
   1834 birth of Michael Nicholas Nolan in Carlow who became Mayor of Albany 1878
   1844 Resolutions passed on 'repeal movement'
   1847 Starving Ireland subject of meeting in the Capitol; 3 Roman Catholic churches raise $5,329 for Ireland's aid
   1848 Major John Taylor presides at meeting of Friends of Ireland in 'Old' Capitol
   1875 Irish-born in Albany 14,184 of 86,541
   1880, 1881 Irish-born 12,575 of 90,578
   1901 Maude Gonne, Irish agitator, speaks at the Empire theatre
   1906 Hon Franklin M. Danaher, attorney, elected vice-president of American-Irish Historical Society
   By Cuyler Reynolds (Albany, New York, 1906) - OL

* American Ancestry - Vol I - City of Albany

American Ancestry - Vol II - Columbia County
   Americans whose Ancestors settled in the United States previous to the Declaration of Independence
   By Thomas P. Hughes (Albany, 1887) - OL

Early Irish in Old Albany, New York
   With Special Mention of Jan Andriessen "De Iersman Van Dublingh"
   By Hon. Franklin M. Danaher (Boston, 1903) - OL - Review of this book in The Essex Antiquarian Vol VII 1903

Genealogical and Family History of the County of Jefferson, New York - Vol II - Vol II
   Illustrated; many families of Irish birth and descent listed
   By R. A. Oakes (New York, 1905) - OL

* Genealogical and Family History of Southern New York and the Hudson River Valley - Vol I - Vol II - Vol III

   Illustrated; many families of Irish birth and descent listed
   By Cuyler Reynolds (New York, 1914) - OL

Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs - Vol I - Vol IV

   Illustrated; many families of Irish birth and descent listed
   By Cuyler Reynolds (New York, 1911) - OL Vols. II and III not found

Irish-American Historical Miscellany

   Relating largely to New York City and vicinity...
   By John D. Crimmins (New York, 1905) - OL

Irish Colonists in New York

   By Michael Joseph O'Brien (New York, 1906) - OL

* My Irish Colleagues of New York

   Reminiscences and Experiences of a Journalist 1861 - 1901
   By Thomas J. Cummins (New York, 1901) - OL

Pioneer Irish of Onondaga

   New York State, about 1776 - 1847
   By Theresa Bannan, M.D. (1911) - OL

Representative Young Irish-Americans of Troy, N.Y. 1889
   By Edward H. Lisk (Troy, New York, 1890) - OL

North Carolina
History of Rowan County, North Carolina
   Irish Surnames: Nesbit, Allinson, Brandon, Luckey, Locke, McCulloch, Graham, Cowan, McKenzie, Barr, Andrews, Osborne, Sharpe, Boon, McLauchlin, Hall, Rutherford, McCorkle, Caldwell, Gracy, Coles, Brevard, White, MacNamara, Crawford, Givens, Knox
   By Rev. Jethro Rumple (Reprinted Salisbury, N.C., 1916) - OL

Sketches of North Carolina - Historical and Biographical
   Chapters on the Scotch-Irish settlers
   By Rev. William Henry Foote (New York, 1846) - OL

* A Biographical Record of Fairfield County
   Illustrated; many Irish listed
   Published by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co. (New York, Chicago, 1902) - OL

* Centennial History of Columbus and Franklin County - Vol I

   Illustrated biographies; some Irish listed
   By William Alexander Taylor (Chicago, Columbus, 1909) - OL

* Centennial History of Coshocton County

   biographies, some Irish, Scotch-Irish mentioned; Illustrated
   By William J. Bahmer (Chicago, 1909) - OL

Daniel O'Connell and the Committee of the Irish Repeal Association of Cincinnati

   From the Catholic Telegraph (Cincinnati, 1863) - IA

* Irish Americans and their Communities of Cleveland

   By Nelson J. Callahan; William F. Hickey (Cleveland, 1978) - Michael Schwartz Library

Hon. Wilton Monroe Lindsey

Colonial Families of Philadelphia Vol II
   By John W. Jordan, LL.D. (New York, Chicago, 1911) - OL

* Encyclopedia of Genealogy and Biography of the State of Pennsylvania - Vol I - Vol II

   James Hemphill p. 341
   Andrew White McCollough, p. 342
   James Bleakley, p. 347
   John B. Roach, p. 350
   James Madison Bailey, p.376
   Isabella McCafferty, p. 390
   William J. Brennen, p. 392
   Elisha P. Douglass, p. 396
   Samuel J. M. McCarrell, p. 404
   John W. Nesbit, p. 415
   Judge George Scott Hart, p. 420
   William Hunter, M.D., p. 430
   Hon. Wilton Monroe Lindsey, p. 442 - ...more...
   Published by The Lewis Publishing Company (New York, Chicago, 1904) - FHB, OL

Genealogies, Necrology and Reminiscences of the "Irish Settlement"

   Northampton County, Pennsylvania
   By Rev. John C. Clyde, A.M. (Pennsylvania, 1879) - OL

Commemorative Biographical Encyclopedia of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

   Containing Sketches of Prominent and representative Citizens, and Many of the Early Scotch-Irish and German Settlers; Illustrated
   By W.H.E. (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, 1896) - OL

History of the Allan Township Presbyterian Church

   ...in what was formerly known as the "Irish Settlement" Northampton County, Pa.
   By John C. Clyde, A.M. (Philadelphia, 1876) - OL

History of the Counties of Berks and Lebanon

   containing a brief account of the Indians... and numerous murders by them; notices of the first Swedish, Welsh, French, German, Irish, and English settlers, giving the names of nearly five thousand of them, biographical sketches, topographical descriptions... religious history... statistical information, notices of the press and education compiled from authentic sources 
   By I. Daniel Rupp (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1844) - OL

Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania

  1682-1750. With their early history in Ireland
   By Albert Cook Myers (Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, 1902) - OL

* "Land O' The Leal" - Home of Roosevelt's Ancestors in Bucks

   Ulster-Scots John Barnhill and Sarah Craig's grandson Robert Barnhill's daughter Margaret Barnhill mar. Corneilus Van Schaich Roosevelt, grandfather of President Theodore Roosevelt; many other Ulster Scots families mentioned: Long, Grier, Jameson, Kerr, Miller, Stewart, Finley, Darroch, Walker, Wallace, Gray, Craig, Creighton, Polk, Barclay, Weir, Hair
   By The Antiquary (Doylestown, Pennsylvania, 1902) OL

To the Members of the Pennsylvania Scotch-Irish Society

   By Sydney G. Fisher (1898) - IA

The Descendants of John Thomson - Pioneer Scotch Covanater
   By Addams S. McAllister, New York (The Chemical Publishing Co., Easton, Pennsylvania, 1917)

* The Molly Maguires of Pennsylvania or Ireland in America
   A True Narrative
   By Ernest W. Lucy, U.S.A. (London, 1880's?) - IA - Molly Maguires in: Wikipedia

One Hundred Years Ago

   Scots Irish in Carlisle, Pennsylvania
   By Rev. George Duffield, D.D. (1858) - OL

Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German
   Pedigrees of residents
   By William Henry Egle (1896) - OL

The Scotch-Irish in America
   their history, traits, institutions and influences especially as illustrated in the early settlers of western Pennsylvania and their descendants
   By John Walker Dinsmore, D.D., LL.D. (1904) - OL

* The 'Scotch-Irish' in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
   By George Chambers (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, 1856) - OL

Rhode Island
Irish Rhode Islanders in the American Revolution
   with some mention of those serving in the regiments of Elliott, Lippitt, Topham, Crary, Angell, Olney, Greene, and other noted commanders 
   By Thomas Hamilton Murray (Providence, Rhode Island, 1903) - OL Review of this book in The Essex Antiquarian Vol VII 1903

The Past, Present and Future of the Roman Catholic Irish in New England

   Invective against the Catholic Irish
   By Uncle Sam Jr. (1890) - OL

Scotch-Irish in New England
   By Rev. A. L. Perry, D.D., LL.D. (1891) - IA

South Carolina
* An Address delivered in the Cathedral of St. Finbar (Charleston, South Carolina)
   before the Hibernian Society, The St. Patrick Benevolent Society and the Irish Volunteers
   By A.G. Magrath, Esq. (Charleston, 1837) - IA

The Scotch-Irish

   and their first settlements on the Tyger River and other neighboring precincts in South Carolina
   By George Howe (1861 ) - OL

Belfast and Nashville
   Historical and genealogical connections. A guide to researching family history in Belfast
   Belfast City Council, Ulster Historical Foundation (Belfast, 2010) UHF

* Directory of Ancestors of Members of the Memphis Genealogical Society - 1961

   Irish ancestors: Barr (Belfast), Bennett (Queen's county), Brice, Brockington (County Down), Brownlee, Calhoun (N. Ireland), Carson, McDowell, Clark, Stuart, Cochran (Dublin), Cunningham, Day (N. Ireland), Downing, Elliott, Fitzpatrick (Ballacoa, Leix), Galloway, Gardiner, Gourley (Belfast), Graham (Wicklow), Guest or Gist, Harrigan, O'Hara (Cork), Henry, Heron, Houston, Hueston, Ingram, Jackson, Mossison, Keegin (Queen's County), Kirk, Lawler (south Ireland), Lee (County Donegal), Legerwood, Leslie, Lewis, McClellan, McCreery, Crawford, McGhie, McGough, McIntire, McKitrick, McMillan, Oates, (O')Sullivan, Pharr or Farr, Phelan (Queen's County), Keegin, Pickens, Davis, Potts, Richey, Rogers, Ross, Shields, Stephenson, Sterling, Stuart, Johnson, Sweeney (Cork), Taylor, Thompson, Toal (N. Ireland), Vance, Whalen (south Ireland), White, Woods, Wynn
   By the Society (Memphis, 1961) - FHB

Historic Sullivan

   A History of Sullivan County; Andrew Crockett, John Sullivan, John Adair, Daniel Clark, John Rhea
   By Oliver Taylor (Bristol, Tennessee, 1909) - OL

History of Royalton, Vermont
   with Family Genealogies
   Irish Surnames: O'Keefe, Hagan, Doyle, Fee, Nevens, Donovan, Sherlock, Taggart, Wynne, Price
   By Evelyn M. Wood Lovejoy (Burlington, Vermont, 1911) - OL

The Past, Present and Future of the Roman Catholic Irish in New England

   Invective against the Catholic Irish
   By Uncle Sam Jr. (1890) - OL

Scotch-Irish in New England
   By Rev. A. L. Perry, D.D., LL.D. (1891) - IA

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia - Vol I
   By Lyman Chalkley (Rosslyn, Virginia, 1912) - IA

* Old King William Homes and Families

   An Account of Some of the Old Homesteads and Families of King William County Virginia... Many Irish born and Irish descent families
   By Peyton Neale Clarke (Louisville, Kentucky) - OL

The Scotch-Irish Settlers in the Valley of Virginia
   Alumni Address of Washington College Lexington VA.
   By Bolivar Christian (1860) - IA

Hill family of Seattle
* A Volume of Memoirs and Genealogy of Representative Citizens
   of the City of Seattle and County of King - Washington; including biographies of many of those who have passed away; Illustrated
   Of Irish descent:
   Arthur A. Denny; David T. Denny
   Frank M. Muldoon
   Charles J. Smith
   Orvill J. Bell
   Henry W. Markey
   William Harbaugh White
   Charles H. Lilly
   Albert S. Kerry
   Alva C. Sands
   James R Hayden
   Walter Shepard Fulton
   Edward Cudihee
   George Alfred Hill
   Julia Finn
   Henrietta Maria Cox
   Frank W. Spear
   John Harte McGraw
   Thomas H. Cann
   Robert Abrams
   George W. Ward; Dillis B. Ward
   Ernest B. Hussey
   Elbert F. Blaine
   Elizabeth Bloxom
   John Arthur
   John W. McConnaughey
   Mary Gibson; W. E. Gibson, M.D.
   Stephen P. Willis
   Maria J. Smith
   Leonora A. Cunningham
   William Stanley
   Jane Blakely
   Ann Burns
   Patrick C. Hayes, m. (1) Bridget Burns; m. (2) Margaret Stewart
   George U. Piper, m. Miss Buck
   Alexander Jay Anderson
   James B. Metcalfe whose mother was Zulink Rosalie Lyons
   Jacob Julien
   E. C. Dickson
   Alexander B. Stewart; Jane Stewart
   John Collins
   John T. Condon whose mother was Catherine Ellen O'Callaghan
   Mary L. Caldwell
   Grace Brooks Grannan
   James H. Newell
   John Megrath whose mother was Elizabeth Katherwood; m. Lizzie J. Gilmore
   George W. Tibbetts
   James Carroll
   William Cochrane, m. (1) Elizabeth McKibbon; m. (2) Katie A. Modigan
   William H. Lord
   Edmund Bowden
   Kearin H. McCabe
   Jennie Chadwick
   James A. Moore; Miss Moore
   James McClintock
   James Nugent
   Reginald Heber Thomson
   Published by the Lewis Publishing Company (New York, Chicago, 1903) - OL 

A - Irish-Americans in Wikipedia
   with Surnames beginning with: A (experimental)
   By Peter J. Clarke (Saintfield, 2012) - Wikipedia Books

Advice to Irish Girls in America

   By the Nun of Kenmare (Sr. M. Francis Clare) (New York, 1872) - OL

American Ancestry - Vol III - Vol IV - Vol V - Vol VI - Vol VII - Vol VIII - Vol IX - Vol X - Vol XI - Vol XII
   Americans whose Ancestors settled in the United States previous to the Declaration of Independence
   By Thomas P. Hughes (Albany, 1888 - 1898) - OL - see New York for Vols I and II

American and English Genealogies in the Library of Congress
   Preliminary Catalogue; some Irish families and of Irish descent included
   Under direction of the Chief of Catalogue Division (Washington, 1910) - HT

American Families
   Genealogical and Biographical
   CHRISTY, Patrick, b. Dublin 1791
   GALLAGHER, Bernard, b. Ulster, 1843
   HOULIHAN, Michael J., son of Thomas Houlihan and Mary Keohan of Co. Waterford
   O'CONNOR, John, b. Co. Sligo, 1832
   SULLIVAN, Michael of Co. Kerry; mar. Julia KANE also of Co. Kerry
   DUNFEE, John, son of Edward Dunfee of Co. Kilkenny
   WILSON, William of North of Ireland
   DONOHOE, Thomas, b. Goresbridge, Ballyellin, Co. Carlow, 1830
   BYERS, Andrew, b. Ireland, enlisted Westmoreland County troops, 1778
   LEWIS, John, b. Ireland, d. Virginia 1762
   SHEHY, Daniel, b. Ballaforen, Co. Tipperary, 1759 -  ...more
   By The American Historical Society (New York, abt. 1900?) - FHB

A Brief Account of the Author's Interview with his Countrymen

   during ...travels through various States of the Union
   By Jeremiah O'Donovan (Pittsburgh, 1864) - OL

The Compendium of American Genealogy - Vol IV - Vol V

   Many Irish born Americans listed
   Edited by Frederick A. Virkus, The Institute of American Genealogy (Chicago, 1930, 1933) - HT

Correspondence respecting Recruitment in Ireland for the Military Service of the United States

   Parliamentary Papers (London, 1864) - OL

* The Discovery of America by the Northmen (Icelanders) in the Tenth Century

   with Notices of the Early Settlements of the Irish in the Western Hemisphere
   By North Ludlow Beamish (London, 1841) - OL

Echoes From Out The Past

   or Historical Notes Relating to Irish Pioneers in America
   By Thomas Hamilton Murray (Boston, 1905) - IA

Exiled Irish Patriots

   Speech of William H. Seward in the Senate of the United States
   By William H. Seward (Washington, D.C., 1852) - OL

* Friendly Sons of St. Patrick
   - 118th Anniversary - The Hibernian Society of Philadelphia
     for the Relief of Emigrants from Ireland - 1771
     Hibernian Society (Philadelphia, 1889) - OL
   - A Brief Account of The Society of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick
     with Biographical Notices of some of the Members
     By Order of the Hibernian Society (Philadelphia, 1814) - OL
   - Charter, Constitution, By-Laws, Officers, Committees, Roll of Members, etc
     in the City of New York
     By John J. Lenehan, Recording Secretary (New York, 1905) - OL
   - The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick in Albany
     An historical sketch of some celebrations of St. Patrick's Day in Albany, N.Y. in the early part of the XIXth Century
     A Paper read by Hon. Franklin M. Danaher (Albany? 1905) - OL
    - Dinner to Hon James Fitzgerald
     retiring President; at Delmonico's; speech by Joseph I. C. Clarke, President
     By Unknown author (Chicago, New York, 1908) - OL
   - Dinner given in Honor of the Delegates Representing the French Government
     at the unveiling of the Rochambeau Statue at Washington; at Delmonico's; speeches
     By Unknown author (New York, 1902) - OL
   - History of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick
     and of the Hibernian Society for the Relief of Emigrants from Ireland
     By John H. Campbell (Philadelphia, 1892) - OL
   - Proceedings at the Banquet to Hon. James A. O'Gorman
     list of attendees; speeches
     By Unknown author (New York, 1903) - OL

Friends of Irish Freedom
   Revised Constitution
The Indictment
   Hon. Daniel F. Cohalan, Justice of the Supreme Court, State of New York 
Ireland and Secession - an Answer to LLoyd George
   Thomas H. Mahony of the Boston Bar 
  Published by Friends of Irish Freedom (New York, 1919, 1920) - OL

Genealogical History of the Families of McConnells, Martins, Barbers, Wilsons, Bairds, McCalls and Morris

   the Histories of the Scotch-Irish and the Presbyterians in the Revolutionary War; the battles of King's Mountain and the Cowpens together with an autobiographical sketch
   By Newton Whitfield McConnell (USA, ?) - Borrow from OL

Hearings before the Committee on Foreign Affairs - House of Representatives

   To Provide for the Salaries of a Minister and Consuls to the Republic of Ireland
   Government Printing Office (Washington, 1920) - OL

Hibernia or Ireland the World Over

   Showing how Pat rules America
   By George Watertown (New York, 1871) - OL

A Hidden Phase of American History
   Ireland's Part in America's Struggle for Liberty
   By Michael Joseph O'Brien (New York, 1919) - OL

History of Ireland - Chapter on The Irish Abroad
   mention of the Irish in the United States
   By the Rev. E. A. D'Alton, LL.D., M.R.I.A. (London,  1920) - OL

A History of the Irish Settlers in North America

   From the earliest period to the Census of 1850
  By Thomas D'Arcy McGee (Boston, 1851) - OL

* HODGE: Hodge Foundations in American History
   extract from 'The Journal of American History' Vol. 5, p. 461
   By Unknown author (New York, 1911) - FHB

Ireland and America versus England

   From a Fenian Point of View
   By Brig. Gen. J. L. Kiernan, U.S.A. (Detroit, 1864) - OL

Ireland and the Centenary of American Methodism

   ...Irish emigrants who instrumentally laid the foundation of the Methodist Church in the United States... Canada and Eastern British America
   By Rev. William Crook (London, Dublin, 1866) - OL

Ireland a Nation

   By Robert Lynd (New York, 1920) - OL

Ireland's Case

   By Seumas MacManus (New York, 1919) - OL

Ireland's Request to the Government of the United States of America

   for Recognition as a Sovereign Independent State. Appendix. Exhibits
   By Eamon DeVelara, President of the Republic of Ireland (Washington, D.C., 1920) - OL

* Irish America: the Historical Travel Guide - Vol I

   guide to sites associated with people of Irish ancestry; North Atlantic States, District of Columbia; Great Lakes Region
   By Richard Demeter (Pasadena, California, 1995) - FHB

Irish-American History of the United States - Vol I - Vol II

   By Very Rev. John (Canon) O'Hanlon (New York, 1907) - OL

The Irish Contribution to America's Independence

   By Thomas Hobbs Maginniss, Jr. (Philadelphia, 1913) - OL

Irish Emigration and The Tenure of Land in Ireland

   a pamphlet giving an alternative view of Irish emigration
   By The Rt. Hon. Lord Dufferin, K.P. (Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood) (London, 1867) - IA

Irish Emigration to the United States

   What it has been, and what it is
   By Rev. Stephen Byrne, O.S.D. (New York, 1873) - OL

Irish Emigration during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

   By Thomas Addis Emmet, M.D. LL.D. (New York, 1899) - IA

The Irish in America

   Canada and United States
   By John Francis Maguire (New York, Montreal, 1868) - OL

The Irish in America

   A Lecture by the Mayor of New York
   By William Russell Grace (Chicago, 1886) - OL

The Irish in the American Revolution

   and their early influence in the colonies. Illustrated.
   By James Haltigan (Washington, D.C., 1908) - OL

The Irish in the United States

   from 'The Glories of Ireland'
   By Michael J. O'Brien, Historiographer, American Irish Historical Society (Washington, D.C., 1914) - IA

The Irish Race in America

   By Edward O'Meagher Condon (New York, 1887) - OL

The Irish Scots and the "Scotch-Irish"
   to which is added 'How the Irish came as Builders of the Nation'
   By Hon. John C. Linehan (Concord, New Hampshire, 1902) - OL

Irish Schoolmasters in the American Colonies

   1640-1775 with a continuation of the subject during and after the War of the Revolution
   By John C. Linehan and Thomas Hamilton Murray (Washington, D.C., 1898) - OL

Letters on Irish Emigration

   First published in the Boston Daily Advertiser
   By Edward E. Hale (1852) - OL

The Lost Tribes of the Irish in the South

   An Address at the Annual Dinner of the American Irish Historical Society, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
   By Irvin S. Cobb (New York, 1917) - OL

* MONTGOMERY: Montgomery Foundations in American History

   extract from 'The Journal of American History' Vol. 5, p. 474
   By Unknown author (New York, 1911) - FHB

* The Moral Basis of the Claim of the Republic of Ireland for Official Recognition

   A Speech Delivered by Eamon De Valera at Worcester, Mass.
   American Commission on Irish Independence (1920) - OL

The Scot in America, and the Ulster Scot

   Being the substance of addresses before the Edinburgh Philosophical Institution.. and the Presbyterian Historical Society, Belfast
   By Whitelaw Reid (1912) - OL

The Scotch-Irish

   The Scot in North Britain, North Ireland and North America
   By Charles A. Hanna (1902) - OL

The Scotch-Irish in America

   By Samuel Swett Green (1895) - IA

The Scotch-Irish in America
   The story of the Ulster Plantation and migration to America
   By Henry Jones Ford (1915) - OL

* The Scotch-Irish in Northern Ireland and in the American Colonies

   By Maude Glasgow, M.D., Dr.P.H. (New York, 1936) - FHB

The Scotch-Irish People

   their influence in the Formation of the Government of the United States of America; Inventors of the Scotch-Irish Race of America
   By Rev. J. H. Bryson, D.D. (Nashville, 1892) - OL

Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America

   With Maps and Illustrations
   By Charles Knowles Bolton (1910) - OL

The " Scotch-Irish" shibboleth analyzed and rejected
   with some reference to the present "Anglo-Saxon" comedy
   By Joseph Smith (1915) - OL

Sinking of The Titanic - Most Appaling Ocean Horror
   Memorial Edition; Thrilling Stories Told by Survivors
   By Jay Henry Mowbray, Ph.D., LL.D. (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1912) - OL

Sketches from America
   (incl. The Irish in America)
   By John White (1870) - OL

* SMITH: Smith Foundations in American History

   extract from 'The Journal of American History' Vol. 5, p. 476
   By Unknown author (New York, 1911) - FHB

The Sons of the Emerald Isle

   or Lives of One Thousand remarkable Irishmen
   By William L. MacKenzie (1844) - OL

Souvenir for the St. Patrick's Day Centennial Celebration 1876

   Published by Special Order of the Committee (Chicago, 1876) - OL

Speeches and other Documents by President Kennedy relating to Ireland

   official visit to Ireland; Kennedy and Fitzgerald ancestry; the Irish in America, achievements of Ireland as a free independent country, future of Ireland, relationship with America, etc.
   By John Fitzgerald Kennedy (USA, Ireland, 1961 - 1963) - JFK

State-Aided Emigration Schemes from Crown Estates in Ireland c. 1850
   to USA, Canada
   By Eilish Ellis, M.A. (from Analecta Hibernica No. 22, Dublin 1960, reprinted Baltimore, Maryland, 1993) - FHB

   By Filson Young (London, 1912) - OL

"Titanic" Disaster - Hearing before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Commerce United States Senate - Part I

   to investigate the causes leading to the wreck of the White Star Liner
   Government Printing Office (Washington, 1912) - OL

The Truth about the Titanic
   By Colonel Archibald Gracie (New York, 1913) - OL

Wreck and Sinking of the Titanic

   The Ocean's Greatest Disaster
   By Marshall Everett (Chicago, 1912) - OL

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